Research Interests:

    My research interest is in astroparticle physics, with focus on high energy cosmic rays, dark matter search, muon and cosmogenic backgrounds, rediological and airborne contamination control. I have worked for many years on the high-energy neutrino astronomy project IceCube at the South Pole. I am currently also working on the direct dark matter search experiment Large Underground Xenon (LUX) experiment (deployed at 4850 ft level in the Sanford Underground Research Facility, SURF), the LZ project, and involved in the long-baseline neutrino project LBNF/DUNE.

    The links to those projects are:
  • IceCube: High Energy Neutrino Astronomy at the South Pole, Antarctica. (AMANDA/SPASE/RICE South-Pole winter-over scientist 1998 - 1999, member between August 2002 - December 2009, Publication Committee member 2007 - 2010, associate member between January 2010 - March 2014, full member since March 2014)
  • LUX Dark Matter Search Experiment in Sanford Lab, Homestake Lead, SD (member & Executive Committee member since July 2009, also a member of the LZ project)
  • The Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment (member since March 2010, Radiological & Cleanliness Convenor between April 2012 - March 2014, institutional representative, March 2010 - May 2015)

2016 Fall Teaching

New Courses To Offer in Future

    PHYS-764 Physics of Neutrinos (3 credits)
    PHYS-xxx Probability, Statistics, and Methods in Experimental Data Analysis (3 credits)

Teaching Since 2009

    1. Physics Courses:
            PHYS-183 Elements of Modern Astronomy (3 credits)
            PHYS-211 University Physics I (3 credits)
            PHYS-341/441/541 Thermodynamics (3 credits)
            PHYS-343/443/543 Statistical Physics (3 credits)
            PHYS-433/533: Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics (3 credits)
            PHYS-451/551 Classical Dynamics (4 credits)
            PHYS-481/581 Mathematical Physics (4 credits, shared)
            PHYS-733 Experimental Particle Physics: Principles, Data Analysis, and Simulation (3 credits, new)
            PHYS-773 Quantum Mechanics II (3 credits)
    2. Labs and Physics Designs:
            PHYS-111L Introduction to Physics I Laboratory (1 credits)
            PHYS-113L Introduction to Physics II Laboratory (1 credits)
            PHYS-213L University Physics II Laboratory (1 credits)
            PHYS-312 Experimental Physics Design I (2 credits)
            PHYS-314 Experimental Physics Design II (2 credits)
            PHYS-412 Advanced Design Projects I (3 credits)
            PHYS-414 Advanced Design Projects II (3 credits)