George A. Gamow
Physics Colloquium Series

Colloquium Schedule - Spring 2023

Room EEP 208 or 252 (see below) and on Zoom

March 2, 2023 Jairo H. Rodriguez Rondon, South Dakota Mines
2:00 PM - EEP 208 Charged-current neutrino-induced K+ production in MicroBooNE
March 6, 2023 Franklin Lemmons, South Dakota Mines
4:00 PM - EEP 252 Towards Neutron Analysis of Charged-Current Neutrino Events in ANNIE
March 27, 2023 Joseph Street, South Dakota Mines
4:00 PM - EEP 252 Reduction of Radon-daughter Backgrounds for the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Experiment
March 30, 2023 Elias Burgfeld, South Dakota Mines
3:00 PM - EEP 252 Improvement of the Simulation of the IceCube Surface Array Enhancement Scintillation Detector by Muon Flux Measurement
April 3, 2023 Varun Vaidya, University of South Dakota
4:00 PM - EEP 252 Cancelled due to weather (will be re-scheduled in Fall 2023)
Exploring the universe with Effective Theories
April 17, 2023 Mariangela Lisanti , Princeton University
3:30 PM - EEP 252 Galactic Probes of Fundamental Dark Matter Physics
April 24, 2023 Matthias Plum, South Dakota Mines
4:00 PM - EEP 252 Probing the Universe with Cosmic Rays: New Challenges and Opportunities in High-Energy Astrophysics

Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2022

Room EEP 208 or 252 (see below) and on Zoom

September 26, 2022 Bhubnesh Lama, South Dakota Mines
4:00 PM - EEP 208 Electronic Properties of Oxides Interfaces and Electrochemical Properties of Battery Materials Using Density Functional Theory
October 3, 2022 Nathan Pumulo, South Dakota Mines
4:00 PM - EEP 208 Phase Transformations and Nucleation in Ferroelectrics
October 24, 2022 Dr. Haiwang Yu, Brookhaven National Laboratory
4:00 PM - EEP 208 High Quality Automated LArTPC Reconstruction for Neutrino Experiments
November 14, 2022 Dr. Will Foreman, Illinois Institute of Technology
4:00 PM - EEP 208 Reconstruction of MeV-scale physics in neutrino LArTPC experiments
Special Colloquium
November 17, 2022 Nigel S. Lockyer, Director Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Retired
4:00 PM - CBEC 2228 Neutrinos and Particle Physics:
South Dakota an Emerging Player on the International Stage
November 18, 2022 Madan Sharma Timalsina, South Dakota Mines
11:00 AM - EEP 253 Improved Search for a Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP)
with the LZ (LUX-ZEPLIN) Dark Matter Experiment
November 21, 2022 Jacob Colvin, 3M - Laminating Adhesives
4:00 PM - EEP 252 Manufacturing of quartz crystals and quartz crystal oscillators

Colloquium Schedule - Spring 2022

Room EEP 252 (and on Zoom)

January 31, 2022 Dr. Wany Nie, Los Alamos National Laboratory
4:00 PM Lead halide perovskite for solid-state detectors
February 7, 2022 Dr. Daniel Carney, Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory
4:00 PM Fundamental physics at the quantum limits of measurement
February 28, 2022 Dr. Jingbo Wang, South Dakota Mines
4:00 PM Argon Resonant Transport Interaction Experiment
March 21, 2022 Dr. Rafael Lang, Purdue University, West Lafayette
4:00 PM Some Current Developments in Direct Dark Matter Detection
April 11, 2022 Dr. Doga Kürkçüoğlu, Fermilab
4:00 PM Quantum simulation of Φ4 theories in qudit systems

Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2021

Room EEP 208 (and on Zoom)

September 20, 2021 Dr. Joseph Simon, University of Colorado, Boulder
4:00 PM Merging Galaxies & Supermassive Black Hole Binaries: Multi-Messenger Astrophysics with Pulsar Timing Arrays
September 27, 2021 Dr. Alvine Kamaha, University of Albany
4:00 PM Dark Matter Detector Technologies and Detector Calibrations
October 4, 2021 Dr. Aleksandra Ciprijanovic, Fermilab
4:00 PM Bridging the gap between simulated and real data in physics and astronomy - domain adaptation for deep learning algorithms
October 25, 2021 Dr. Katherine Freese, University of Texas, Austin
4:00 PM Dark Matter in the Universe
November 1, 2021 Dr. Rohan Loveland, SD Mines
4:00 PM Finding Unusual Things in Haystacks
November 29, 2021 Dr. Alexandre Sousa, University of Cincinnati
4:00 PM Searching for New Physics with DUNE